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September 17, 2019
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Brief Understanding on the Significance of Power Transformers

Electricity could be easily transported through a transformer. It would be pertinent to mention here that power transformer rental would be made available in different sizes as follows:

  • Huge – used in power plants
  • Intermediate – used in electric poles
  • Small – used in electronic appliances or equipments at offices or homes

Kinds of transformers

There have been two major kinds of transformers made available such as:

  • Core form transformer
  • Shell form transformer

The distinction has been based on the construction of the transformer’s core. The windings would surround the iron core in the core form transformer. On the other hand, in the shell form, there would be a frame or a shell that surrounds the windings. Regardless the design, every transformer has been known to entail an iron core, primary and secondary windings, and insulation. It would also be inclusive of accessories for transformer such as mechanical casing, wire harness, and bushing.

Where would you need a transformer?

Electricity would be required to travel a long way from power plants to homes, offices, factories and more. It would be a relatively lengthy destination travel and require stepping-down of voltage all along the way. The power would initially leave the power plant where the voltage would be relatively high. It would reach the electric poles where it would need to be stepped down for lesser voltage. It should be less dangerous for the usage. Thereafter, it would be transported to final destination such as appliances and equipments. Here again, the transformer would step-down the voltage for more manageable state.

The main functionality of power transformers would be to make use of electricity without the risk of destroying the internal circuitry of any appliance or equipment due to the flow of higher voltage.

Choosing a power transformer

Prior to choosing a power transformer, you should consider a few things.

  • Determining the load size and type
  • Determine the maximum load you could expect
  • Determining frequency and primary voltage along with secondary voltage and capacity

These aspects would help you determine the size of the power transformer suitable to your specific needs and requirements.

Special accessories for power transformers

Power transformers would need special accessories inclusive of transformer connectors, off circuit tapping switches, porcelain assemblies, termination boxes, and wire harnesses. The cable harness or wire harness would be an important accessory. A majority of electronic devices would need special wiring which would be configured by wire harness. Therefore, these could be used for transmitting informational signals or operational current.

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