Creative Ways Of Scattering Your Loved One’s Ashes

 After your loved one has been cremated, it can be difficult to decide what to do with their ashes. Most people like to scatter ashes in a place that their loved ones were fond of. However, some people now look to get more creative when it comes to scattering ashes, whilst others find that scattering their loved one’s remains can feel too final and opt to keep them at home in an urn for ashes


If you are someone who likes the idea of scattering your loved one’s ashes in a creative way, then there are loads of options that you can consider, which is what we are going to discuss in today’s article. 


Take Them On A World Trip

Did your loved one like to travel the world but were unable to tick off a few locations on their bucket list? If so, you could take their ashes on a trip around the world or to a specific country that they really wanted to visit before they passed away. Nowadays, most commercial airlines allow passengers to travel with ashes, although there are some guidelines you have to follow, and these can vary depending on the location you wish to travel to. 


Turn Them Into Memorial Jewellery

One option that is getting more and more popular worldwide is turning ashes in memorial jewellery. And you only need a very small amount of your loved one’s remains to turn them into a beautiful and truly unique keepsake. You can choose from earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets or even cufflinks if you don’t like wearing jewellery. If you are based in Essex, we highly recommend checking out Barleylands Glassworks that has been specialising in this craft for over 20 years. 


Blast Them Into Space

Yes, you did read that right. There is now a company based here in the UK that allows families to send their loved one’s ashes to the edge of space. To do this, your loved one’s ashes will be transferred to a special type of vessel which will then carry them into space and released. Then the ashes will circle the world for a few days before turning into clouds and falling back to earth.


Turn Them Into a Tree

By using a bio urn, you can beautifully transform your loved one’s ashes into any type of tree you wish. There are quite a few companies that maintain and operate memorial woodlands up and down the country that can take care of the tree for you. Very similar to a green burial, this can create a special place for family and friends to visit and pay respect to their loved ones amongst beauty and nature.  


Let Them Go Out With a Bang (Literally)

There is a company in the UK called Heavenly Star that can help you create a memorial firework display using a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. You can either get them to create the display or make the fireworks for you to use in your own garden. 


Remember Them In A Way You Feel Comfortable

You must not feel pressured into doing any of our suggestions and what you do with your loved one’s ashes is entirely your choice. Sometimes less really is more, so if you want to keep the ashes at home with you in an urn, that is more than fine. 


Pretty much all of our suggestions only require a tiny amount of ashes, so you could do something creative and unique and then keep the rest at home or scatter them in a different location. 


Should you need any advice when it comes to scattering ashes, you could always visit a local funeral director who can advise you on what you can do in your local area or beyond. But always consult with your family and close friends before making any decision. 



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