Keeping your children dutiful during a move

No matter how many times you’ve moved throughout your life, moving is always stressful. And for children, this applies tenfold. The best movers in Toronto can confirm this: no matter how much a family explains to their child what a move implies, there will always be a fair dose of confusion and stress involved. At Let’s Get Moving, we have more than ten years of experience moving customers from and to Toronto. And believe us, it’s always the same: children are difficult to keep dutiful during a move. From our experience as some of the best movers in Toronto, there are ways in which you can make them behave. Here are our tips!

Tell your kids what to expect

A move implies lots of changes that are often hard to process even by grown-ups. You can bet they have high chances of being confusing for your children. And just imagine everything seen through the eyes of a child: one day, strangers come into your house and start taking out all of your belongings. Not only the furniture, but also your toys! Your kid will not know that those men are the best movers in Toronto and the family’s items could never be in safer hands! For them, it will just be a confusing episode. To prevent that, take some time before the big day to talk to your children and explain everything. Tell them who the movers are and what their job is, enlist the advantages of moving to a new home, and let them know how the moving day will go. And when the big day comes, introduce the crew of movers to your kids as soon as they enter your home. This will make things much easier for everyone. If you are lucky enough, your movers will also be kind and nice and they will know how to handle things. At least the movers at Let’s Get Moving are like this – no wonder they are some of the best movers in Toronto!

Keep them actively involved

When you are busy doing something, there is less room for stress, anxiety, and other thoughts that could keep you nervous. The same goes for kids: keep them busy and this will help them behave. Now, of course, you won’t be giving them any big tasks, but there are small things they can do. Maybe they can pack the plush toys or maybe they can help pick up the clothes and everything else that is randomly thrown in their bedrooms. The big packing is on you, though. Or, if you prefer, you can hire movers to help out. Best movers in Toronto also provide professional packing services, so it will be much easier for you to let the packing on them. Just make sure there is a little something left for the little ones to pack, too. Remember when you were a child and doing the minimum house chore meant a lot for you? The same goes for your children, so keep them involved at all times! Regardless of how little they actually help, it will seem like a very big deal for them.

Have some activities prepared for them

Even if you hire the best movers in Toronto, no one does magic. So your move might take a few good hours, no matter how efficient your movers are. Children have the attention span of a squirrel and they also lose their patience very fast. Therefore, make sure you have some activities ready for them. On the day of your move, have some books, games, magazines and toys left out for them. Maybe a colour-by-numbers? Or maybe a small puzzle? Whatever will keep them occupied for a few good hours. In order for them not to get bored, have more than one activity prepared for them, so you can alternate them. The best movers in Toronto surely have experience dealing with children, so they might also engage them in a little something now and then, during the move. If hiring a babysitter or leaving your kids with a friend on the big day is an option, consider it, as well! It might get you rid of a lot of worries. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something both you and your family are comfortable with.

Moving is almost synonymous with stress, and it might be even worse for children. They are too young and are lacking the experience to properly understand what and why is happening. This is where you come, and your role is crucial. Make the best decisions for your children and don’t let this experience become a traumatizing one for them! If you need any help and guidance, we are here for you! Let’s Get Moving is one of the best moving companies in Toronto, and we help thousands relocate every year. We have experience with children of all ages. Our operators can help you with advice and tips, and we guarantee the crew of movers that will be assigned to you will be kind and friendly with your children. You will see for yourself and you will soon thank yourself for choosing us!

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