Trusted Relocation Partner – Versa

Thinking about relocating within the United States? Versa relocation is just the right option for you. With over 20 years of experience, Versa started with a powerful team to make things easier for their clients. Now growing, even stronger each day, the client base has reached a height where they can guarantee a reputation worth working with. They have been a solid brand in the industry and are growing their name in relocation management.

Who is Versa?

They provide the best solutions for the relocation of employees in a company at utmost priority.

They work hard to become exceptional educators and guides both during and before the working relationship. The clients find that from the initial meetings/consultations with business development professionals to the interaction with the counselors, they listen and respond effectively to every mobility element one asks for.

What does Versa Relocation do?

Its roots are spread in Texas and Virginia providing brilliant services to many clients. They provide U.S. relocation services, international assignment services, consulting services, and pre-decision services.

US Relocation

They assist with moving the employees of a company state-to-state or across the country with minimal hassle. They design an exceptional domestic program after consultation and develop inventive and intelligent solutions. The team at Versa is an expert on policy reviews and in identifying the biggest challenges and come up with the most unique solutions. The 24/7 online portal access for client initiations, tracking, reporting, selected employee needs, and status updates are remarkable!

International Assignment Services

Versa relocation has global clients as well. Their growth is reliant on expansion in the existing markets and building a footprint in some new markets. They assist the client when the borders are tightening. They look upon hiring law and regulations, local requirements, housing and infrastructure elements, and country-to-country moving assistance. They make sure that the policy guidelines and coordinated services are met through an exceptional global network of partners.

Area orientation: An employee is made aware of the new location, community, and commute times to let him/her make a better decision. They coordinate with a customized and comprehensive tour of neighborhoods, communities, and also address the need for medical facilities, schools, community activities, shopping options, and places for worship. The Area Orientation services can assist a company with offer acceptance rates.

Home Sale Programs and Assistance: If an employee or new hire needs to sell his/her home quickly, Versa can provide a professional and trustworthy real estate broker. The goal of home sale will be shared at the highest possible price and as quickly as possible. The Home Sale Program includes Guaranteed Buyout (GBO), Amended Value Sale (AVS), and Buyer Value option (BOV).

Home Marketing: This is needed for a house that is not selling quickly, thus, increasing the return home trips, temporary housing, and storage costs. The Home Marketing is taken by a real estate agent who is qualified and relocation-trained. All proactive marketing strategies are then developed accordingly.

Mortgage Services: Versa helps a company’s new transferees to secure their new mortgages by providing competitively priced and reputable mortgage options tailored for specific needs of relocation. Preferred providers offer banking and finance options to both clients and their employees along with benefits such as discounted lender fees, priority service for a quick closing, and low relocation interest rates.

Real Estate Services: The personal approach towards the relocation as a client’s employees’ consultant, liaison, and advocate helps them o rank and determine priorities so that they can clarify which properties are most suitable for the search process. Versa pre-screen real estate agents and set up tours of new amenities and locations, arrange for home previews, and provide professional advice during the phase of offer, negotiation, and final purchase.

Household Goods Moving: Qualified household good moving companies are appointed who are experts in U.S. domestic moves. The deep experience in managing the moving and storage of household goods are made for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Temporary Housing: Versa knows how important is an employee’s productivity and safety. They use their worldwide network of approved national providers to select the best housing options for a client. They arrange for furniture rentals and property reviews as well. Lease negotiation options within budget are available too for each relocation.

Rental Assistance: Their consultants gather detailed information on lifestyles, schooling, financial requirements, housing, cleaning, and budget, The Relocation Counselor at Versa provides rental guidance and assistance in the new communities. They help their clients with finalizing a lease and negotiate a price. The services also include move-in/move-out inspection guidance, utility hook-up and disconnect, and guided specialist tours.

School Search: This program is specially designed to provide an employee’s relocating family all information about the private and public schools in their new community. The school’s enrollment procedure, performance statistics, and contact information will be shared.

Expense Management: Their top-rated technology interface is for the operating system, gross-up, and relocation expense tracking. The comprehensive expense management system offers expense tracking. The reporting solutions manage travel expenses, expense reimbursements, lump-sum payments, year-end payroll reporting, and gross-up calculations.

Travel Management: Versa has strong relationships with top travel providers cost-competitive and convenient airline, hotel, and rental car accommodations, including transportation services to and from the airport. They set up tracking and reporting for travel expenses.

Lump-Sum Assistance: The relocation counselors can identify vendors who will offer pricing that works best with the client’s employee’s lump sum allowance.

Property Management: Versa helps with maintaining and providing cost-effective programs to aid in 24/7 maintenance, managing lease payments, repair, and emergency services. Additional services include utility tracking and reporting, maid service for move-out inspections, and routine internal and external inspections.

Consulting Services

It benefits the clients in the talent acquisition and cost containment areas. They can tailor their consultations to any level of need for policy development services and need for assistance. It includes-

Policy Review and Development: This is a revision process to develop a policy from the ground up, want to refresh an existing one, or update a policy with budgetary goals aligning with current market trends.

Program Development: Versa has innovative solutions and creative concepts to help enhance or refine programs, define cost allocations, etc.

Benchmarking: Their review on the industrial competition includes recommendations and suggested best practices for a solid and comprehensive program tailored to the client’s needs to come above.


Versa has a reputation for ‘listening’. Their strength is being a helpful resource to their clients and because of this, they offer services related to relocation coming out to be beneficial to the client as well as the relocating employee. They do not just stop at their clients, they listen to the industry too. The newsroom with blog posts, press releases, white papers, and more, manages to see what is going on in the industry. They keep up with the trend and provide consultations at that level. Versa relocation is the right solution to relocation!

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