Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve the Common Errors Associated with Workflow Management Software

Ideal workflow management software offers better functionality, arrangement, and integration yet there are chances for project failure. No one can assure that every workflow process will untangle well and deliver the expected ROI. To enjoy a comprehensive ROI, it is vital to streamline the process flow properly. Remember that, to avoid mistakes during the implementation stage.

Common workflow management errors to avoid and troubleshoot


During a demo on-premise, every employee feels impressed. The initial essentials like workflow and forms are performed by experts. After the preliminary setup, at some point, the initial admiration fades. Business owners know the importance of software investment but overlook the significance of proper training. Therefore, it is essential to avoid half-implementation.

Troubleshooting tip – It ensures that every employee gains the competence needed to adjust to the new workflow program via a solid training program.

Ignoring data silos

Workflow automation collapses because processes and routing are streamlined but some tasks are manually taken care of. For example, financial software takes care of the purchase order process and its approval but data needs manual rekeying. It creates a data silo and manual compromise. It means the work, is getting done twice.

Troubleshooting tip – API integration allows to import and export data with ease and automates the entire process.

Broken processes

When a business automates a flawed process then it will deliver poor results. Automation of workflow cannot streamline or repair broken processes. An inherently inefficient process must be left untouched rather than digitalizing because the inefficiency will only get magnified.

Troubleshooting tip – Before you automate a process analyze it thoroughly before digitizing it.


Employees are in a habit of doing tasks in a specific way, so when a new workflow program is implemented, they try to side-step. It is human nature to choose the familiar route instead of trying an unknown shortcut that can save their energy and time.

Troubleshooting tip – You need to educate employees about the advantages of a comprehensive automated system, which is easy than side-stepping. All requests need to go through the software.

Stagnant process

Key users are convinced to embrace the new system. With training, they gained an insight into working with the workflow management program. As days pass, the processes evolve and your workflow setup needs to adapt to the changes. For example, stakeholders may expect status notifications or certain approval becomes trivial. A stagnant or bottlenecked workflow process becomes irrelevant making it necessary to sidestep and workaround, which finally leads to complete abandonment.

Troubleshooting tip – Frequently review the workflow management program to spot holdups and fix them.

Implement an efficient workflow management program

Online intranet software platform like HyperOffice is a great option for developing companies. It is accessible anywhere and is a viable option for any kind of device. Cloud-based SaaS security is because it is multi-layered and encrypted.

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