Tips for Avoiding Cloud Costs in Google’s Cloud Services

There’s an abundant supply of fantastic resources which cover Google Cloud principles and best practices for businesses that want to incorporate this powerful new service. In particular, there are a few areas of best practice that we’ll discuss within this article. To offer a bit more context to the latest practices offered by Google Cloud, below is a short list of 15 recent articles focusing on best practices consisting mainly of tips and suggestions to help you maximize and fully use your Google Cloud infrastructure. This short article serves as a quick overview of some of the key areas where organizations can profit by taking advantage of their existing cloud services.

Cost visibility and cost optimization are two of the first areas where many small and mid-sized businesses are lacking in. Cost visibility refers to making sure that all the necessary information about your organization, such as your customers, clients and so forth, is correctly and adequately described and presented in order to give your business a clear, understandable picture of its financial position at any given point in time. And cost optimization refers to making sure that your website and other web sites have as much relevant content as possible loaded onto websites whenever possible, with the aim of increasing your company’s search engine rankings and page views.

One of the best practices associated with Google Cloud Services is billing as early as possible. Google Cloud provides a number of tools that allow you to create billing cycles and schedule daily and weekly billing, among others. And as a business owner, it is in your best interest to learn how you can properly bill your customers. By establishing a predictable and fair billing cycle, you will be able to manage your cloud services better, ensuring maximum efficiency while minimizing potential errors and misunderstandings. If your billing system is not working well, it may be time to review and implement a new billing system using Google Cloud tools.

Another way to minimize cloud costs is to use the service for non-intrusive computing, such as data storage and computation. Data storage is one of the biggest cloud services costs, especially if you use the free tier. While this solution does not utilize many of the computing resources, it can still add up. So if you do not need to run an application on the server, consider purchasing a separate storage account from your host. This storage account may be used for storing documents, presentations, and so on, but it should not be used for general computing needs.

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