Growth of the Medical Laser Industry

Medical science has experienced tremendous growth, and there’s virtually a piece of equipment for all stages of treatment. A perfect example is the laser machine, and many lives have been saved, thanks to medical laser technology.

 The industry keeps on growing, which can be attributed to the increasing numbers of eye disorders and the aging population. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the medical laser market hit $6,947 in 2018 and is expected to keep on growing.

The history of medical lasers

 The history of laser machines dates back to 1951. However, the first medical application was reported in 1962 by Goldman. In 1963 McGuff performed cardiovascular surgery using a Ruby laser while experimenting with ablation of atherosclerotic plaques. This led to multiple investigations leading to new developments in laser technology.

As studies continued, laser treatment became more effective and has since found its place in most medical and cosmetic treatments. For this reason, you can now get different medical and cosmetic lasers in the market. For instance, you can now buy or sell used cosmetic lasers from The Laser Trader.

A look into the growth of the medical laser industry

The medical laser market keeps growing due to the high demand for minimally invasive procedures. The rising incidences of eye disorders and the need for faster recovery is yet another factor for exponential growth in the industry.

Laser treatment is associated with fewer post-surgery complications, minimal pain, less bleeding, and fewer infections. This has led to an increased demand for modern endoscopy devices. That’s not all; more improved equipment has transformed surgical procedures, leading to minimally invasive surgeries.

Nowadays, laser procedures offer considerable benefits to patients, with fewer post-surgery infections, shorter hospital stays, minimal bleeding, and less scarring.

What are the key market trends in the industry?

The laser market size continues to grow abs at a faster rate. The semiconductor is expected to contribute to the highest levels of revenue in the products sector. These devices are commonly used in aesthetic procedures and photodynamic treatment.

What makes them unique? Semiconductor lasers offer more profound penetration and optimal melanin absorption, making them the most suitable technology for hair removal and other skin treatments.

 Medical laser industry- What’s the market size?

Medical lasers offer multiple benefits, and industry growth continues to soar. New medical laser systems keep on coming up and are helpful in a wide range of applications. Similarly, the laser market has experienced notable growth in the past few years and is projected to reach $16,230 by 2026.

 Data from the “medical Laser Market” report published by Allied Market Research shows that the global laser market was $6,954 million in size in 2018. However, with the swelling numbers of patients seeking advanced laser procedures, we expect augmented growth in the industry. We also hope for the development of more advanced medical equipment.

The bottom line 

 As the demand for medical lasers and other essential equipment grows, the laser industry continues to grow. Although you can now get the latest lasers in the market, we expect more tech advancements in the future. And this means better healthcare for all.

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