Uses For Aluminum Sheets

aluminum sheet uses

In light of the recent wood shortage aluminum sheet suppliers are seeing a huge rise in trade. This is an incredibly abundant, versatile and strong alloy which comes in a wide variety of grades for different uses. There aren’t too many industries where aluminum is not used, and it was already preferred to timber in many cases, prior to the shortage.

In terms of aluminum sheets, Melbourne suppliers sell to just about every sector, and here is where we commonly see these sheets in use.

In Hospitals

Products made with aluminum sheets are used in every hospital setting in the country. This metal is made to use beds, stretchers and gurneys, they are used to make crutches and they are also used to make some surgical tools. No matter what problem you may have had, it is likely that at some stage of your treatment, an aluminum sheet will have been used to help make you feel better.

Automotive Industry

There is so much pressure on car manufacturer’s shoulders to make their cars more lightweight and just as strong, which makes aluminum the perfect product. The construction of the bonnet and body panels, as well as fuel tanks are all completed using light and strong aluminum sheets.

Packaging Industry

Not only is this metal lightweight and strong, it can also be recycled very easily. This is what has caused a rise in the number of packaging companies which aluminum sheet suppliers are seeing. Cans in particular are used making a thin grade of aluminum sheet, as they can be transported easily and recycled afterwards. Given the green credentials that so many of these companies need to possess, it is no surprise that this metal is being used.

Aviation Industry

There is not a single modern day plane which you will find which doesn’t feature some level of aluminum sheet usage. This metal is cast, cut and bent into all manner of parts from the fuselage to wings, feeder blocks, ball bearings, doors and even the engine turbines themselves.


Aluminum is used in many areas of construction from pipes to joists, plates which hold foundations in place and even the scaffolding which is used to build the property. Additionally, we see the use of this sheeting in roofs, walls, external facades and even on staircases and railings.

Computer Hardware

Even the very computer which you are reading this article on is likely to have many tiny pieces of aluminum sheets inside it, which is helping to secure parts, protect parts and in the design of the casing itself. Circuit boards rely heavily on aluminum and so too do computer chips. These will all have been fabricated using a piece of aluminum sheet to begin with.

As you can see, aluminum is one of the most widely used metal alloys in the world. The sheet is where it starts and from there, the manufacturing of that metal goes on to design some of the most vital pieces of equipment which we have on the planet.

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