Tips for effective outdoor marketing

With so many brands, small and big, shifting their focus to digital marketing, it’s easy to ignore the good things that come with traditional marketing. Statistics show that over 70% of the people in Australia spend more hours walking. That means they’re away from home, and that also can be said of almost all countries of the world safe from a few that are in a state of emergency or whose population is constrained due to the pandemic. That tells you that out of home (OOH) executions can be effective if done in the best way. Things like billboards can draw the attention of any passerby and rely on important business messages in seconds.

The importance of outdoor advertising cannot be underscored, but you have to make sure it reaches out in the most effective way possible. How do you ensure your outdoor marketing strategy is effective?

Make the campaign shareable.

To stand out from the competition, you’ve to make sure that your marketing strategy impacts the advert and the shareable. Think of bold marketing strategies with creative digitals. You’ve to ensure experiential advertising, low in pricing and with a perfect mix; people are ready to share it, even on social media. Let your billboard or poster be the talk of the town- the pictorials, the colors and the brand message should be spot on.

Consider your location

The location matters most when designing out of home (OOH) campaigns. Where you put your billboards, posters, flags and other outdoor marketing tools matters a lot, you have to ensure that they have the maximum exposure. Where possible, consider a rotational billboard so that anyone can view the message from whichever side they are. Again, the font should be legible, and colors should represent your brand.

Analyze competition

Before you even begin to design, you must consider what your direct competitors are doing right or wrong. What are the competitors doing in the same space? What feedback are people giving? Do they like the design of the poster or billboard, and what captures their attention most? Again, what weaknesses are there in their campaign effort? Knowing their strengths helps you understand what works, and therefore, you can put a lot on such and stand out. The weakness of your competitors gives you a hint on what to avoid and what is necessary for an effective outdoor campaign.

Keep it simple and straightforward.

You’ll need a sense of simplicity in outdoor advertising. That allows information to be absorbed quickly. Your audience has a few seconds to absorb your message, and therefore they’ve no time with those sophisticated words. Make the design appealing and ensure the words are appealing. The images should grab their attention and tell the story in a span. Get great imagery that communicates the core message most effectively so that it can be shared widely.

When it comes to outdoor advertising, look here; you have to think more of the most effective way to capture everyone’s attention. Whatever strategy you use, make sure it resonates with the audience, and the above tips can be invaluable in your marketing mix.

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