What are Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Aluminum Extrusions

We have seen a huge rise in the use of aluminum alloys in recent years, and much of this has come in the wake of rising timber prices. Timber is becoming more and more scarce owing to tighter restrictions, and this has sent its price sky high. Additionally however more businesses are waking up to the low cost and flexible nature which aluminum can offer. This is a metal which is incredibly flexible, durable and its weight to strength ratio is unrivaled. When it comes to aluminum suppliers, Melbourne stores are seeing an enormous rise in customers, and that comes as no surprise to many.

Whilst aluminum itself is easy to buy, it often comes in sheet form, which is not always what a customer needs. In order to convert this sheet or tube into something of worth, they look into using custom aluminum extrusions instead. Here is exactly what this process is, and why it is used.

Simple Explanation

The easiest way to explain what these aluminum extrusions are, is that it is a way to turn the sheet metal into whichever shape or form the customer needs for its product or products. Aluminum is incredibly malleable and that is why this is such an easy process. In order to turn the sheeting into the right size or shape, it is heated and then forced using a hydraulic press, placing it under immense pressure. Moulds are used to get the right shape, and the finished product is exactly to the spec of what the customer needs. Think of this like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube, only it is done so in the perfect shape for the product that is going to be made.

Process Available For All Alloys

Aluminum comes in a range of grades, almost 20 in fact, and each offer its own characteristics with regards to durability, strength and flexibility, not to mention corrosion resistance. No matter what alloy is being used however, custom aluminum extrusions can be performed. Naturally there will be some tweaks that are made to the machinery which is carrying out this process, but ultimately there is no grade of aluminum which cannot be included in this process.

Uses Around The World

There aren’t too many industries around the world which do not rely on grades of aluminum and on custom aluminum extrusion. The manufacturing industry uses this heavily, so too does the automotive industry and aerospace is one of the world’s biggest users of high grade aluminum alloy. The reason for the recent rise in aluminum usage, regarding the timber shortage which we discussed, is that there are so many more construction projects which are now looking to use aluminum than ever before. This is thanks to the many benefits of the alloy, as well as the low cost nature of the metal.

Any more questions which you may have about this fascinating process which aluminum goes through, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the comments section below.

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