The $2 Million Question: What Did the D.C. Trucker Convoy Donations Buy?

The trucker convoy has largely been making it up as they go, but truckers are grumbling that they don’t know the endgame or what all the donations have been used for.

Two weeks after departing Victorville, California—with the humble goal of completing a few laps around the D.C. Beltway—the only real commerce that the right-wing People’s Convoy trucker protest seems to have interrupted is the business of some of its participants.

But despite some initial confusion and a handful of bloopers, the protest is still going, if not strong then at least steady.

Thousands of truckers and anti-mandate cheerleaders—bivouacked since Friday night about 90 miles from D.C. at a dirt-track speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland—appear to have locked their jaws on a mission. Some mission. Any mission. Whatever it may be.

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