Nvidia and Samsung hackers take credit for Ubisoft attack

The game company says no personal info was exposed

Ubisoft may be the latest victim in a cybercrime spree that has already affected chipmaker Nvidia and South Korean electronics giant Samsung. As a result, the company had to take measures to reassure users that their info was safe. While Ubisoft didn’t lay the blame on anyone, Lapsus$ — the cyber gang linked to the previous hits — seemed to take credit for this one as well.

In a brief notice published Thursday, Ubisoft said it “experienced a cyber security incident that caused temporary disruption to some of our games, systems, and services.” It went on to say that the company’s IT teams were working with “leading external experts” to look into just what happened and that while the event forced a full-on password reset, games and services were working properly and there was “no evidence any player personal information was accessed or exposed.”

The next day The Verge noted that in the group’s Telegram channel, Lapsus$ had posted a link to that site’s article about the incident along with a smirking emoji. When a channel user followed up by asking if the hackers were indeed responsible for Ubisoft, The Verge says Lapsus$ seemed to confirm it was their handiwork.

It’s interesting that Lapsus$ appeared to play somewhat coy regarding Ubisoft because the group wasn’t just crystal clear about taking credit for Nvidia and Samsung, the hackers made quite a bit of data available via peer-to-peer networks as well — and some of that information has already been used to disguise malware.

If Lapsus$ was indeed responsible for an attack on Ubisoft, the hackers don’t seem ready to slow down any time soon.


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