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The most important aspect before opting for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA


Carpets were, are, and will always be the way to go if you want your house to look elegant and classy. Also, carpets are very useful from a practical point of view. They can make cleaning easier, can keep your feet warm, and can keep you from slipping on the floor. But just like any other object made of textile, carpets need special treatment whenever they must be cleaned.

There are many aspects that should be considered whenever you are looking for services such as carpet cleaning Fredericksburg VA. The most important of them is the cleaning technique used by the company that you decide to hire. According to experts, the best way to clean a carpet is by using HWE, which stands for Hot Water Extraction. Here is why this technique is so appreciated by experts in carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA: look for HWE

HWE is a term that stands for hot water extraction. This is a cleaning technique that is highly rated by experts in carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, as well as carpet manufacturers. The most important quality that this technique has is the fact that it can be highly efficient for both regular and sensitive carpets. In order to understand why it is so efficient, it is important to know what this technique involves.

Also called steam cleaning, HWE is a cleaning technique based on a combination of hot water and special cleaning agents. After mixing these elements, experts in carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA inject them at high pressure into the material of the carpet. The dirt gets lifted during this step and a very powerful vacuum is used to remove it instantly.

In order for the technique to be efficient and not affect in a bad way the structure of the carpet, it is very important for the temperature of the water to be adjusted to the specifics of the materials. According to experts, the temperature should not be higher than 120 degrees Celsius, in order for the material not to be affected. But efficiency is also important, so the temperature should not go lower than 50 degrees Celsius either.

Depending on the materials used for each carpet, the temperature should be adjusted accordingly. Before applying the hot mixture of water and special cleaning agents, it is important that the carpet is covered with alkaline pre-spray cleaner and then brushed for light agitation. After all of the soil is removed, another solution has to be used in order for the pH of the carpet fibers to be reduced and to go back to regular levels.

Finally, the carpet must be dried and brushed again with maximum care, in order for every piece of fiber to stay as healthy as possible. HWE is considered to be the best solution for carpet cleaning, as it is efficient, fast, and protective of the carpet. If you need carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, visit

They are a family-owned company offering cleaning services, including HWE cleaning for carpets, in Stafford, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Louisa, Orange, King George, Culpeper counties, and the City of Fredericksburg.

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