Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses If You Should Add Water to Your Dog’s Food


The majority of dogs eat dry food, also referred to as kibble. This is the case for a variety of practical reasons. Dry food is convenient, fairly cheap, does not require preparation time. Not only that, but high-quality dry food should satisfy the dietary and nutritional requirements of your dog. For storage, dry food must be kept as dry as possible to prevent spoilage. Continue reading this article, for advice from Matt Davies Harmony Communities.

You may, however, be aware of some guardians who moisten dog food. If you’re unsure whether you should be doing this.  Here, the advantages of adding water to kibble will be explored, along with whether it is something that is suitable for your dog and, if so, how you should go about doing it.

Why Water Should Be Added to Dog Food

Dry dog food is known as dog kibble. Different sorts of ingredients, including beans, meat, veggies, and all other nutrient-dense foods for dogs, are crushed and molded into pellets in the extrusion process to create kibble. But why should you add water to the kibble that we usually give to our dogs?

Water is given to dog kibble because it encourages fluid intake, which improves digestion. Additionally, it enables them to consume more water, preventing the symptoms of chronic dehydration. Also, water is sometimes added to dog kibble by owners because it helps the food’s fragrance by dissolving the components. It could also:

Prevent Gulping

The act of consuming a lot of food at once is known as gulping. For some dogs, it might be a disorder. Others simply do it as a matter of habit. As they become enthusiastic when food is present, it can also be due to hunger.

It is challenging for dogs’ digestive systems to break down food when they simultaneously swallow large pieces of food. This might even cause the dog to frantically eat all the food before throwing it up.

Necessary During a Puppy’s Weaning Phase

A newborn dog exclusively consumes its mother’s milk. You will eventually need to add another kind of food as it matures. The puppy won’t be able to handle dry food because it is used to consuming milk, which is a liquid. So, when choosing the kind of meal to give your dog during the weaning process, extra caution is needed.

Good For the Urinary Health of Your Dog

Even though water is in their bowl, some dogs may find it difficult to drink it. Because of this, they run the risk of developing kidney stones as well as urinary tract issues. The kidney functions as the body’s filter, removing all harmful waste products while allowing vital nutrients to enter the bloodstream. Urine is produced as a result of fluids helping to wash away and eliminate the toxic compounds filtered out of the kidney.

How to Combine Dog Food and Water

When you choose to add water or other liquids to the feed, you must do it right before giving your dog a portion of it. There are several factors to take into mind depending on their preferences:

  • Add warm or room-temperature water to the feed and combine.
  • Test the texture to make sure they like it.
  • Create a rather thick paste.


Similar to what was previously discussed, dog food with water has several advantages. The ideal solution for your dog will depend on their needs and the analysis your veterinarian does in each circumstance, according to Matt Davies Harmony Communities.

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