Social Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal Explores Business & Authenticity

Miki Agrawal is a fierce social entrepreneur who has long since made a name for herself as a disruptor in the industry. Embracing the more taboo side of her work has allowed Agrawal to reach into and dominate spaces that have otherwise been untouched by innovation, pointing to the ‘poop’ and ‘period’ industries in particular.

As the founder of TUSHY, one of America’s top bidet brands, and the mind behind THINX, an innovative piece of period-proof underwear, Agrawal has spent plenty of time under the public spotlight accruing the information she needs to succeed.

Let’s dive into the disruptive world of Miki Agrawal to learn how she thinks and what makes her tick.

Introducing Tushy

As a social entrepreneur and disruptor, Miki Agrawal was able to establish herself in the industry by embracing her most authentic self. This meant looking at otherwise ‘taboo’ industries where she could draw from her past to course-correct better products, goods, and services. With this mindset in place, Agrawal would bring TUSHY to the forefront of her entrepreneurial efforts, introducing America to a best-in-class bathroom bidet.

Thanks to her efforts with TUSHY and eventually THINX, Agrawal would find herself atop the Fast Company’s Most Creative People and the Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs list. Agrawal added to these accomplishments, “I’ve been obsessed with bidets since I was very young. I’m half Japanese, half Indian- and bidets are normal in both of those cultures.”

Of course, Agrawal knows success can be more challenging than it looks. Overcoming issues means tackling problems that address us directly. Agrawal advocates going easier on herself in future endeavors, adding, “Taking the time to trust me and listen intently to my inner knowing has become the most important work in my life.”

Building a Business in Lockdown

While much of the world hit the ‘pause button’ during the pandemic, Miki Agrawal and the team at TUSHY stayed busy throughout the process. Agrawal pointed to the beginning of COVID lockdowns as a particularly viable time for her business.

Agrawal said, “The pandemic has been such an interesting time for us. When COVID first began, our sales skyrocketed because of the toilet paper shortage.”

Of course, finding success during the onset of the COVID-19 lockdowns had with it a severe set of challenges, particularly that of overcoming overbearing workloads. Fortunately, Agrawal had a team carefully put together through years of effort. Agrawal stated, “They truly crushed that adjustment, and I feel so fortunate that every single one of our employees is like a Swiss Army knife.”

Agrawal points to the company’s efforts in branding beyond ‘toilets’ as one of the reasons they succeeded when others failed. Agrawal said, “Our humor, our ridiculous marketing campaigns, and our beautiful artwork are what draw people to us.”

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