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May 27, 2020
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Here is a List of Benefits of Using Foam Packaging

The advantages offered by foam packaging are helpful for your business to create better and effective solutions for shipping your products from one place to another. There are many kinds of foam available in the market, and each one of them has unique features and applications so as to meet the diverse requirements of your business.

  1. Polyurethane or PU

It is the most versatile kind of foam because it can be manipulated into many different forms. It is an open cell, soft foam that is easily moldable and can fit different kinds of products. As it is a soft foam, it can easily absorb the shock and can recover its original shape in a jiffy. It can also be convoluted into egg crates or it can also be used as padding and custom shapes in order to create strict protection within your packages. Polyurethane is a perfect option to shield the lightweight fragile products as it is soft and is able to resist scratches and dents. It also has a low odor and is resistant to mildew as well which is perfect for shipping foods or the moisture sensitive products. Polyester and polyether are the two primary kinds of polyurethane foam and is available in anti-static and ESD. This foam is also easily customizable to your product. It can also be manufactured in many colors and the densities to match what you require.

  1. Polyethylene (PE)

PE is denser than PU. This closed cell foam packaging is used for businesses that manufacture high sensitivity products that need strength for packaging. PE foam is highly resistant to damage and moisture which makes it ideal for fragile items. It also tends to dampen the vibrations and act as an insulator. It is available in variety of forms like ESD and anti-static. PE is ideal for products that require extra protection as it is versatile and is able to protect a wide range of common mishappenings. Businesses make the most of the PE foam as planks, laminated, crosslink, double skived, and roll stock. It can also be customized in many sizes and colors to fit your needs.

  1. Anti-static

This is best for packaging electronic products ranging from computers to the automobile parts. Apart from providing a superior cushioning, this foam eradicates and sucks up the electrical vibrations, charges, and electro-shock static to shield the products from being damaged internally while in transit. The advantage of anti-static foam that it doesn’t only shield your product while it is shipped, it also shields the electrical instruments outside your packaging and any person from being subjected to shock who may come in contact with your product while being in transit status.

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