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July 13, 2020
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The Cat Only Actually Has One Life

Cats can be utterly adorable creatures, although a little more aloof than the dog, they are very easy to maintain, and will seek for and provide lots of love to its family, so it is not surprising that so many of us keep them as pets. Cats are a funny animal, but adorable for it nonetheless, though you often get the feeling that the cat believes that you are there simply to wait upon and cater to its every whim. They are also incredibly adventurous, so it is inevitable along the way, that some of them are going to have accidents and require a trip to the dreaded vet.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Cats are indeed extremely curious, from the moment they are a small kitten, they want to explore and check absolutely everything out, pawing it this way and that, much to the hilarity and enjoyment of those watching its antics, so it doesn’t take long for the cat to be accepted as a member of the family. Cats are quite intelligent and they learn things pretty quickly. One of those things is that trips to the vet often involve getting jabbed with needles, which hurts, so it is not their favourite place to visit. The owner is normally not too pleased to be going there either, as a trip to the vet always costs money, and sometimes, quite a lot of it, especially if the cat is seriously sick or has hurt itself in an accident.

Vet Bills

Part and parcel of being a pet owner is the responsibility to take care of the animal for the duration of its life, which while normally fairly simple and straight forward can occasionally be quite traumatic. Sadly a large number of animals each year have to be put down, simply because the animal needs medical attention that the owner is not in a position to be able to afford, which in this day and age is totally unnecessary. Dog and cat insurance is easily available and very affordable, with a range of policies covering accident only, or medical procedures too. You have personal insurance cover for yourself, your partner and the kids, so if the cat is a member of the family, it is very simple to give him the same cover, to ensure he gets the treatment he needs, and doesn’t force you to sell the house to pay for it.

He Doesn’t Have Nine Lives

Contrary to the popular saying, the cat only has a single life to play with, though watching some of the things it gets up to, you could be forgiven for thinking than nine would be more appropriate. Cats do have accidents and hurt themselves, so at minimum, having accident insurance is highly advisable. Certain breeds also have a predisposition to certain ailments, especially as they get older, so it is definitely a good idea to check out your options for medical cover as well.

Some insurers today offer specific cover for specific breeds, to ensure that common ailments to a breed will automatically be covered as and when the symptoms appear. You can’t give him an extra eight lives, but you can make the one he has a little more certain.

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