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April 8, 2020
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Tips To Make Wood Last Longer

From logs to constructing high quality lavish structures, wood is required everywhere. Since everything is subjected to wear and tear, wood as well is no exception. The wooden landmark signs, the set of chairs and tables, exotic wooden gates and other wooden items are all perishable. The best way to protect the landmark signs and other related items you need to take special care of them. Preserving wood extends its lifespan, enhances its durability, and safeguards it from insects and pests.

Tips to preserve wood

Tip 1: Maintaining Wood with Oil

  • Whenever you feel the wood dry, apply oil on it. The oil is absorbed by the pores of the wood thereby, the strength and durability of the wood is maintained.
  • When you notice that the oil is absorbed very quickly by the wood, know that the wood is still dry and needs more or of oil brushing.
  • Regular polishing of wooden landmark signs makes it lustrous and lasts long.
  • When planning to apply oil, make sure that you dust off all the dirt and debris with a soft cloth.
  • The best oil to be used for wood is Tung oil. Although the product is little expensive, yet you get the best results. This makes the wood 100% water resistant.
  • Also, you can make use of boiled linseed oil. However, the wood fails in resisting water and turns yellow with time. But the main merit of this oil is its price. Although it is friendly to the environment, yet the impact is much less than you can expect.
  • Get hold of a thin and smooth cloth to dab into the oil and rub the oil in the wood. Remember, these products have a flammable quality. However, when the oil dries, the impact of flammability is reduced completely.

Tip 2: Additional Protection

  • After the oil has been dried up an additional protective component can be applied. One such protective liquid is the wood preservative. This will prevent the germination of fungicides and insecticides. Also, the wood will not absorb water.
  • Again, a coat of good quality paint after oiling is the best option that you can adopt.
  • Further, to prevent scratch marks, polyurethrane or other wood finishes can be applied.
  • Besides just applying elements externally, there are certain disciplines that you need to follow to maintain the strength and durability of wood. Make sure that the wood or wooden item gets less exposed to both sunlight and moisture. Too much of sun rays or humidity can either make the wood too dry or extremely brittle respectively.
  • Make a regular routine of wiping the wood with fine cloth or soft sponge. Do not use water. The more dirt accumulates on the wood, the more is it prone to fungus.
  • Instead of taking off its current paint, apply primer and a paint that can without rough exterior conditions.
  • Above all, check if the wood gets adequate exposure to air and light so that moisture can be prevented.