How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Carpet?

It’s important to maintain your carpet by keeping it clean to last longer and enhance your house’s aesthetics. Cleaning your carpet eliminates all the dirt and dust and ensures you stay in a hygienic environment.

How often you clean your carpet depends on different factors. But the general rule of deep cleaning your carpet is at least once a year, with all the factors held constant.

If you’re wondering how often you need to clean your carpet, read this simple guide to find out.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

Vacuuming your carpet once a week will prolong its lifespan. Vacuuming gets rid of loose particles in your carpet before they settle deeper and abrade your fibers.

However, regardless of how much you vacuum your carpet, you’ll still need a professional to carry out some carpet deep cleaning.

Is There Anyone in Your Household With Allergies?

Some carpet fibers look more like filters. They collect dust and allergens from the air. These allergy-inducing particles can build up in your carpet fibers. This will make life unbearable for anyone with allergy issues.

Fortunately, you can only get rid of these allergens and restore a healthy living environment by deep cleaning your carpet. Cleaning often is also a good idea, but that’s not enough to protect you from allergies.

Are There Children in Your Home?

Children are notorious for spills, smears, and spatters. It isn’t easy to keep your carpet clean when you have kids playing around your living space.

You’ll have to deal with muddy footprints, fruit juice spills, and finger paint on your carpet. Whether you’re a parent or a caregiver, it’s quite challenging to maintain your carpet’s new look.

If you have kids in the house, you must keep it fresh and clean. Ensure you hire a professional who uses eco-friendly cleaning products to remove toxic substances from your carpet.

Keeping your carpet clean and free from contaminants also allows you to keep your kids healthy.

Think About Your Home Pets

It’s best to deep clean your carpet at least every six months if you’ve furry friends in your house. Pet’s dander usually gets trapped in your carpet fibers, causing allergy issues.

Make sure you vacuum your carpet regularly if you have pets. But even with regular vacuuming, dander particles can still settle deep in your carpet fibers thanks to their microscopic size.

Think of dried saliva, urine, and dried feces of your furry member lying within your fibers. Regular vacuuming is not enough to get rid of such tiny particles that are hiding beneath the surface of your carpet.

It’s important to thoroughly wash and disinfect your carpet at least every six months.

Do You Wear Shoes In Your Living Space?

Shoes not only trap dirt but also bring in tiny particles of grit. You expose your carpet fibers to wearing prematurely if you and your family members step on it with shoes on.

Apart from the dirt from the shoes, some carpet fibers are not made to endure heavy traffic.

Clean your carpets almost daily if it experiences a lot of foot traffic, and people step on it with shoes on. As for the deep cleaning, once or twice a month will do your carpet some justice.

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