Stan Polovets Announces Genesis Prize to Support Groups Advocating for Israeli Hostage Release and Rehabilitation

Stan Polovets, CEO and co-founder of the Genesis Prize Foundation announced that the organization’s prestigious 2024 award, known as the “Jewish Nobel,” will go towards groups helping release and rehabilitate Israeli hostages held in Gaza and supporting their families.

The New York Foundation seeks to use the prize to draw attention to the often-overlooked issue, provide additional financial support, and honor the inspiring unity and determination shown by volunteers who have banded together to assist families. Among groups receiving grants are those offering medical assistance, emergency aid, mental health services, trauma counseling, and help securing rehabilitation benefits.

As Polovets underscored, the prize is a humanitarian gesture, not a political statement. By aiding those affected and recognizing volunteers’ efforts, the Genesis Prize hopes to uphold the Jewish values of life and freedom without influencing policy decisions. It also intends to honor hostages’ family members who continue tireless advocacy amid ongoing worry and uncertainty.

Yaakov Argamani, father of hostage Noa Argamani, 26, welcomed the news, saying the global spotlight from the prominent prize will help bring hostages home. He called for worldwide support for over 100 hostages’ release from Gaza amid the everyday anguish endured by relatives.

As the Genesis Prize Foundation continues identifying recipient groups to fund with its 2024 prize, Polovets said the honored volunteers exemplify “the Jewish spirit of strength and unity,” praising their commitment to supporting hostage families despite immense challenges.

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