Who we are
ITALMIX Corporation was founded in 1995 and was immediately a great success, starting also to operate internationally.

Today the company boasts of the presence of two other brands: Gilioli and MATRIX.

This profound change, which took place in 2008, led to development both at the production level and at the corporate and administrative level.

The first to be integrated was the Gilioli brand: a company with a glorious past in the construction of mixer-wagons, particularly horizontal mixing wagons. His experience in the field, over 40 years, has allowed the ITALMIX group to complete the range of products to be offered to the market, combining Gilioli mixers with the various ITALMIX vertical mixers. The following year the organizational structure of the company was changed thanks to the entry of new members. This change has led to an innovative development of technologies and design, which has translated into the new line of ITALMIX machines, which aims to be the top of the company’s range: the MATRIX brand.

In continuous development

The company is in constant motion, always ready to improve production and to satisfy the customer to allow innovation, development and change.

For this reason, in December 2015 the headquarters was moved to a new factory, with 8000 square meters of covered area and 21,000 square meters of uncovered area.

This allowed an increase in the production phase, thanks to the use of a welding robot, a new painting room and an automated warehouse.

Thanks to the new plant, the ITALMIX group has the possibility of continuously improving the production of machinery, but also the supply of spare parts and after-sales service.

What we offer

The annual production of the ITALMIX company is about 400 professional agricultural machines, suitable for various areas of animal husbandry;

always ready to meet the demands and needs of its customers, thanks to the vast range of mixing wagons, straw shedders, storage machines and mixers for biogas and compost.

A company always attentive to market developments and in continuous maturity, production and administration.

Ready to improve to meet the demands of the modern zootechnical world, ITALMIX has a sales network covering Europe, Egypt, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Iran, the Netherlands and South America.

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