Podiatrist Or an Orthopedist – How Do they Differ?

The feet and ankles are parts of the body that experience maximum level of stress daily. Hence, they are more prone to many kinds of diseases and disorders. The best way of handling them is with the help of a podiatrist or even an orthopedist as per the requirement of the condition.

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A podiatrist or an Orthopedist

Here is some information about podiatrists and orthopedists to understand the difference between their work.

  • Job Description 

Podiatrists are normally viewed as foot specialists, foot doctors, and other such terms. They are experts, who can handle all kinds of foot issues such as ingrown toenails, bunions, etc., to ankle mobility.

Orthopedists are specialists that can handle many divisions of foot and ankle treatments such as geriatrics, surgery, medicine, sports medicine, pediatrics, and so on.

Both the orthopedists and podiatrists can suggest some medications for foot and ankle issues.

  • Qualifications

The qualification of the podiatrists is 4 years of undergraduate school and some experience in the accredited podiatric medical school. They are then required to complete their residency in this medical school.

The orthopedists are the same as podiatrists and start their studies within 4 years if under graduation. After these years, they will again study orthopedics for the next 5 years in the form of surgical residency and a year of specialty after that. They will be trained to handle all kinds of foot and ankle issues during these years.

Both orthopedists and podiatrists can conduct stem cell therapy for foot injuries when needed as they both are qualified to do so.

  • Field of Involvement 

Apart from medical professionals, both the orthopedists and podiatrists work under the supervision of an expert medical professional for some years. Some follow sports medicine, whereas some follow their path towards surgical treatment. Some may even go solo and start their practice.

You can consult both for a successful ankle stem cell treatment.

  • Areas of Expertise 

Podiatrists are not considered medical doctors. They will be trained under experienced medical experts during their residency years. They can handle some issues that are related to foot and ankle such as ingrown toenails, calluses, heel spurs, fallen arches, and so on.

Orthopedists are the medical experts for all kinds of foot and ankle issues. They will complete their fellowship in the field and can handle some foot and ankle-related issues such as Achilles’ tendonitis, bunions, hammertoes, and so on.

You can hire the help of both podiatrists and orthopedists for handling stem cell therapy for foot and ankle procedures. They both are experts to conduct the procedure.

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