6 Project Ideas for Your CNC Machine

CNC machines have revolutionized woodwork. Anyone can now transfer an idea of a product from the mind into real life. Here are some of the best six project ideas for your CNC machine.

  1. Cutting boards

Cutting board is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Creating a cutting board from your CNC machine is fun as you most likely already have various models to try out.

The cutting board comes in either wood or plastic. Making a cutting board stimulates creativity. It allows you to try out various shapes; circle, triangle, or rectangle. You can also use various colors.

Making a cutting board from an x-Carve CNC machine is quite simple. It requires little work which makes it ideal for the beginner woodworker.

  1. Wall clock

A wall clock is a perfect project for home improvement enthusiasts. No matter how many inventions in the home improvement sector, the clock maintains its place.

Instead of heading to the local shop, use your CNC machine to create a skeleton clock. The machine allows you to explore more than the traditional wooden clocks. The new technology lets you experiment with materials like acrylic sheets.

Customize the clock to match your style and décor by adding images, quotes, or family names.

  1. Desk Organizer

A cluttered desk is a distraction when you intend to stay productive for long. Using a desk organizercreates a tidy and organized working space.

Creating a desk organizer using the CNC machine allows you to customize the end product based on your needs. You can also include a motivational quote to keep you going when work becomes a little unbearable.

  1. Cell phone stand

Cell phones are the double-edged gadgets one has to deal with. A simple glance at the phone, and you would have wasted hours running through social media and other apps. You also can’t throw it away as you need it for communication.

A cell phone stand is a project to help you in such a case. Create a cell phone stand from the CNC machine using wood, aluminum, or alloy. The cellphone stand allows you to customize it to match your phone’s size and weight.

  1. Handbags

Handbags are the perfect project for your CNC machine if you are looking to make money. As one of the most popular accessories, ladies are always looking for handbags.

Using a CNC machine to produce handbags allows you to try out all the ideas you have. You get to match various outfits for every occasion. You will never run out of ideas when making handbags.

  1. Gaming board

Most traditional gaming boards are made from wood that is too weighty to carry around or paper that is not durable.

Change your gaming experience by creating gaming boards using CNC machines. Whether you are playing chess, monopoly, scrabble, or battleship, you can always create the ideal board.


Whether personal or business products, CNC machine supports unlimited projects. Use these ideas to start your experience.

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