Hauser Private Equity Points to Its Tradition of Value Creation as It Celebrates the Inclusion of Nine Fund Hauser Managers on the Inc. list of Top Founder-Friendly Investors

In early October, the “world’s most trusted business-media brand” Inc. released its list of 2021’s “Top Founder-Friendly Investors.” Hauser Private Equity was pleased to find that nine of its fund managers had received this prestigious professional honor.

To create its “Top Founder-Friendly Investors” list, Inc. Media began by casting a wide net for viable candidates. It sends out large numbers of targeted questionaries to business founders and entrepreneurs, requesting detailed information about their experiences partnering with private equity firms as well as data that reflects how their portfolio companies have grown as a result of these partnerships.

Describing the specific vision of his company’s “Top Founder-Friendly Investors” list, Inc. Media editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk contends, “Supporting an entrepreneur’s vision and driving growth is more than just a financial investment. It’s about building a relationship and supporting the founders beyond that initial year.” When describing the VC and PE firms that are showcased on the final “Top Founder-Friendly Investors” list, Mr. Omelianuk says, “These private equity firms treat the founders like partners.”

This year, Hauser Private Equity has a remarkably large presence on the “Top Founder-Friendly Investors” list. Its affiliated venture capital and private equity firms are Revelstoke Capital Partners, Shore Capital Partners, North Castle Partners, Clearlake Capital, Guardian Capital Partners, Revolution, ZMC Zelnick Media Capital, New Mainstream Capital, and Palladium Equity Partners were all named “Top Founder-Friendly Investors” for 2021.

When asked to speak about this achievement, Hauser Private Equity managing partner Mark Hauser was pleased to say that his company’s portfolios companies have all demonstrated a firm commitment to value that is based on giving the business founders the support that they need. “These fund managers emphasize the importance of operational expertise to value creation,” said Mark Hauser, “and partner with key leaders focused on long-term partnerships and flexible solutions to growth.”

As just one example, Revelstoke Capital Partners has fully embraced a founder-friendly approach, and it has led to a brisk pace of business that has paid exceptional dividends. “We pride ourselves on being service-oriented partners to our management teams and fostering a culture of high-urgency value creation,” says Simon Bachleda, co-founder and managing partner at Revelstoke. “This combination has resulted in Revelstoke completing 112 investments in the past eight years, most of which have been with founder-led businesses.”

“We are very excited to be recognized as one of the most founder-friendly investors by Inc. Magazine, Simon Bachleda added. “Throughout our history, we have focused on building a reputation and a private equity investment model that resonates with founder-led businesses.”

The Hauser-affiliated Shore Capital Partners echoes many of these sentiments. “We are honored to be recognized as a founder-friendly investor again by Inc.,” said Shore Capital Partners managing partner Justin Ishbia. “It is a proof point that we are delivering on our vision to be the first choice for founders and executives seeking a partner for growth.”

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