What is EMI Shielding and Why is it Important for Designs?

EMI shielding is a manufacturing technique used in electronic devices and equipment that protects signals from being disrupted by external signals that are electromagnetic, and it also prevents external and internal signals from corrupting interfering signals with surrounding parts. The best companies offering EMI shielding have a complete understanding of the product’s design in which they are creating shielding components for, and will be able to get the job done quickly, within budget, and with flawless performance.

Where do EMI Sources Come From?

Man-made devices create the environment in which EMI sources come from. Just as solar storms and lightning can create interference, so too can brush motors, arc welders and computer circuits create their own type of interference. Power line faults, blackouts, brownouts, electrical noise, voltage sags or spikes and other events can cause interference. Furthermore, virtually everyone has a cellphone, and with overcrowding airwaves experience lots of interference. Having EMI shielding in place can prevent these waves from causing interference and ensure that products perform flawlessly without any interference taking place.

What Types of Devices are Usually Affected by Electromagnetic Fields in which EMI Shielding can Help?

Aside from radios, cellphones, computers, and other electronic equipment, there are common types of devices that are impacted by electromagnetic interference. One cohort of devices include medical equipment. X-ray machines, ventilators, infusion pumps and surgical room electronics can experience radio frequency interference (RFI). Because of this known fact, EMI shielding is sought after when medical equipment is being manufactured.

Devices made for mass transit systems like the railroads also experience RFI and therefore require EMI shielding to ensure there is no interference. Items like third rail shoes, train propulsion systems, train control systems, and contact switching systems of the high-voltage variety can produce electromagnetic interference in a way that impacts surrounding electronics. In order to function flawlessly, EMI shielding is required when these products are being manufactured by transit brands.

Another arena of products that gets plagued with EMI revolves around the military sector. Things like electromagnetic canons, microwave weapons, and nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons used at high altitude, as well as other components of electronic warfare, can experience electromagnetic interference without EMI shielding in place.

The best EMI shielding companies will have a portfolio of past projects that consume these three niche areas, as well as standard products like radios, cellphones and computers. When searching for the best EMI shielding services, be sure to work with a company that has at least a decade of experience in all of these areas.

EMI Shielding is Critical for Design Because it Enables Efficient Functionality

Without EMI shielding, electromagnetic interference will result and render the product as a poor-performance hunk of junk. EMI shielding protects vital functioning parts from being impacted by interference, which in turn gives the customers who purchase these products a good user experience. If you are trying to get your electronics to market and are still going through the design phase, be sure to reach out to EMI shielding service providers like United Western Enterprises to ensure your products will function extremely well, and delight the consumer market.

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