What Are Featured Snippets and How to Get Them

In the pressure to elevate online visibility by placing high in the SERPs or search engine results pages, one opportunity to achieve the intended results stands out as one of the most useful, relevant, and overlooked: snippets. But what are featured snippets? In a nutshell, they’re the text bits that appear at the topmost part of informational search pages in Google. They are invaluable tools for marketers and entrepreneurs alike because they can generate exposure for a brand and drive a lot of inbound web traffic to its website. It is for this reason that Nashville SEO experts make them a part of their online advertising campaigns. We’ll discuss in detail what these featured snippets are and how to get them to work for you.

Featured snippets – What are they?

To go further into depth with what featured snippets are, they are information content that generally shows up at the SERPs of Google after sponsored posts and ads appear. They usually give a brief insight as to what the linked content is about, encouraging users to go to the website. Because they appear at the top result, the search engine usually deems it to be quality content that can fulfill user intent. This is primarily why they can be useful in creating awareness and organic traffic.

How to get featured snippets?

As organic content, you’ll be happy to know that featured snippets aren’t limited to the most well-known brands and established enterprises. In actuality, it is available to everyone who created high-quality content and understands how to optimize them accordingly. However, it isn’t easy to obtain them; it requires a lot of hard work. And below I’ve laid out a few practices, strategies, and tips to obtain the desired snippets to give your content a better chance of reaching its target audience.

  1. Produce content that answers specific questions. Search engines like Google run on algorithms that crawl through a multitude of websites to identify web pages whose content can best respond to user queries. Once they find it, the link is displayed at the top of the search engine results pages with a snippet box, allowing users to locate the information that they’re after much easier and quicker than they would have otherwise. With that said, your content must answer a specific question if you want it to gain a featured snippet. There’s no reason to produce content that fails to address a concern, after all.
  2. Prioritize quality in producing content. Contrary to what some might think, the complex and complicated ranking system of Google isn’t bypassed by featured snippets. What this means is that it is essential to consider all of the aforementioned ranking requirements when generating content, specifically the quality. Hiring a reputable Nashville SEO agency is possible. If the content isn’t comprehensive and entertaining, it will fail to pique the interest of users and disengage your audience, which will ultimately result in greater bounce rates and lower rankings. So, make sure to focus on quality when creating content.
  3. Focus on your audience. The goal of content in marketing is to create a relationship with the audience or strengthen an existing bond with them. However, if you choose to focus on selling too much instead of giving users value, it’ll push them away and ruin your chances of getting featured snippets. As such, it is crucial always to focus on your audience’s needs. The more engaged they are with your content, the higher the likelihood that your content will be positioned at the top of the SERPs and giving it a greater chance of obtaining featured snippets.
  4. Understand the language of your readers. Users are more likely to connect with content if it speaks in the same language as they do. After all, content marketing is a customer-focused advertising strategy. The content you create isn’t brochures; they’re a medium for the brand to connect with its market, and the more you understand your readers and their language, the better the odds that they’ll be attracted to the content you produce. Simple techniques like connecting with them through social media channels or joining forums where they might be active might not seem like much. However, it will make a difference in helping you create the kind of content that is needed to get snippets.

Featured snippets are a road to online visibility

As Google continues to prioritize user experience and intent, featured snippets will remain relevant. They add a level of convenience, helpfulness, and accessibility across all virtual channels, after all. With the tips and strategies mentioned above paired with the services of a reliable Nashville SEO company, you’ll give your content what it needs to elevate its rankings to the top and secure the desired snippets.

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